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Natural Frames
Italia Wood Parquet

By choosing IWP's parquet floors, it is possible to design completely tailor-made environments, functional but at the same time as welcoming as haven, where the finished product and its ultimate function perfectly meet the customer's desires and their intimate need for a return to nature. 

The main objective of IWP is to rethink the boundaries between nature and design by conceiving floors able to revive the emotions and warmth that only wood can give.


About us
Parquet IWP

IWP provides a wide range of choices giving the possibility to customize - with great commercial flexibility - the sizes and finishes of each floor.

why choose IWP

IWP produces high performance parquet, with aesthetic and technical characteristics able to satisfy even the most demanding designer.
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The balance of colours in a room plays a fundamental role in the element’s space, as in a painting.


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Thanks to the IWP QUADROTTE you can play with contrasting choices or soft harmonies.

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Geometry and composition to best interpret each specific environmental inclination.
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